Text 21 Mar 1 note Hello, London.

It’s official, I’ve been kicked out.  Well, left by mutual agreement.  At any rate, I’m crashing with my brother, which would be better if his flatmate wasn’t an enormous bag of dicks.

Seriously.  The man has said maybe ten words to me, and I’ve been here two days already.  No idea what my brother sees in him, and oh god, do not get me started on that because it is AWKWARD AS FUCK.  John is my brother and I love him, but his taste in men alarms me.  I guess Sherlock is attractive in a weird sort of way, but he keeps body parts in the fridge.  I shit you not.  And yet my brother still seems to think the sun shines out of his ass, and oh god okay I am not talking about this anymore because I reeeeeally don’t want to think about my brother’s disturbing crush on his flatmate.

At any rate, the sooner I can stop sleeping on their couch the better.  John said he’d ask around, but at this point I’m not sure I trust his judgement, considering who he saw fit to live with.  Sherlock apparently has a sister who’s got a flat, but if she’s anything like him, I’m going to look at that as an absolute last resort.

That being said, anyone need a flatmate? 

  1. morphineandcigarettes said: he’s not a bag of dicks, you tosser.
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